Corporate & Residential landscaping Pretoria East gauteng gardening design services

Landscaping centurion pretoria provides clear communication, planning your garden with the utmost respect for the environment and using sustainable practices whenever at all possible. Armed with knowledge of local laws and regulations, Mondiselandscaping landscaping ideas pretoria east has connections with local contractors and top vendors, ensuring your landscaping companies project is deployed over a clear and reasonable timeline, with a minimum of stress during the process.

Inspired by design, beauty, color, nature and most of all our clients’ needs and vision, your garden or landscaping centurion pretoria project will be as beautiful as it is functional, integrating your garden ideas into a fully developed and cohesive design that you will enjoy for years to come.

Irrigation Design & Construction landscaping ideas

There are several types of irrigation systems, and Mondiselandscaping landscaping centurion pretoria will design and install one that best suits your needs, ultimately saving you time and money while maintaining and maximizing your garden investment. Underground hose systems, sprinklers, drip irrigation and rotary systems are just some of the types of irrigation that can be installed, with manual or computerized controls depending on what best suits your garden’s needs as well as your lifestyle.

Call us today to find out how Affordable Landscaping Pretoria  is an efficient irrigation system can change the way you think about landscape maintenance.

Landscaping services, Fountains & Water Features

landscaping services, Fountains and water features are easily integrated into even the smallest of spaces, making it easy to create an oasis of calm, no matter where you live. Best of all, water features are easily managed, lacking any of the fuss of a swimming pool. Whether small and compact or on a grand scale, landscaping services fountains are often recognized as art on their own, providing interesting textures and scenic value beyond their functional use. Whether simple, subtle and elegant or grand and expansive, a water feature will add sound, texture and movement to your landscape design, attracting wildlife and enhancing your local ecosystem while raising the harmonic vibration of your little slice of the world.

Creative Landscaping Gauteng

MondiseJA landscaping offers a wide range of products and services to meet all your residential and corporate landscaping needs in Pretoria. Whether your garden project is as large as a shopping mall, or as simple as doing a little garden renovation and upgrades, MondiseJA landscaping offers solutions that are as stunningly beautiful as they are functional and ecological.

Landscape Design, Build, and Installation Services Pretoria East

With our award winning designs and installations we at MondiseJA landscaping take pride in providing every detail of your landscape needs, from the demo all the way to the completed landscape. We listen to our clients wants and needs to meet their expectations and goals for their outside spaces.

We offer the following landscaping services:

  • Work with our landscape architect for your personal design
  • Install custom pergolas and decks
  • Landscape enhancements and renovations in landscaping pretoria east